Thought Leadership

My Character Flaw (Might Be Yours Too)


While listening to a podcast on Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn & Josh Shipp, I examined myself on a couple of key things:

  1. What would my best and worst clients say my character flaw is?
  2. When did I fall in LOVE with my clients (or have I)?

So, here’s the honest truth.

My character flaw: Follow Up. I wasn’t great at it. I openly admit it. The more I improve it, it’s still not perfect. Here’s one new technique I’ve added to help me:

“If it takes 10 minutes or less, do it NOW.”

A quick tip for you: Place it on a calendar. Have specific times twice/week when you follow up with team members, clients, etc. Even if it’s just a quick check-up, it’s advantageous! I incorporated it this week, and received a note to schedule a meeting with a client about future work.

Great advice from a close friend! I took it to heart, wand while it’s not always easy, it’s effective.

When did I fall in LOVE with my clients (or have I)?

If I have to be honestly truthful, I haven’t completely. As an entrepreneur, it’s difficult – well, that’s the excuse I’ve used (and maybe you have to). I won’t belabor the point, but here’s what I’ve done to catapult my love for my new leader clients (hope this helps you too):

  1. Recommit to provide more value in inboxes (2x/week);
  2. Direct clients to my new site and communities, so I can follow-up and engage (answer questions, give suggestions) so everyone can benefit;
  3. Repurpose training to quick little (FREE) videos for people who can’t break away from work, come to a 1- or 2-day session;

Hopefully, you picked up a nugget or two from this. If so, let me know. If I’ve missed something, or you have a new idea, please share it below…