Project Management

The 5-Second Rule for New Leaders

With food, the 5-second rule applies to folklore we’ve assigned to how we disregard the germs near the food we drop. The same is true with new leaders.

Don’t we drop some pretty important things in the beginning that we wish we could pick back up before it turns bad (poor communication, self esteem, adversity to risk, trust, etc.)?

Here are 3 Things you should apply the 5-Second Rule to in a new leadership role (to keep the germs away):

1. Fly-by-the-Seat-of Your-Pants Leadership. Do you ever feel you’re overcompensating, trying to look good in front of the boss on 19 different projects? Key: Learn delegation, and apply it regularly.

2. Master these words: “I think I’m right, but who has a better approach?”

3. The Discipline of Execution. Simply put, meet the deadline with outstanding results. Don’t plan as much as you execute, but be willing to course-correct and apply the lessons to the next “thing”.

These 3 areas will give you to the gall to focus on solutions, create your brand, and improve with every 5-second drop, without pissing off the C-Suite.