The Work-from-Wherever Lifestyle with Melina Ryter

Have you ever met someone that helped clear everything up for you?

That's how I feel about Melina Ryter! 

For months on end, I stumbled trying to figure out the right mix of work-from-home solutions in my consulting practice-and I know hundreds of others who feel the same way. I knew some secrets, but not all of them. And then, I stumbled upon Melina Ryter. She's a work-from-home maven, and she shared her expertise with me on the podcast.

In this episode, she chats about:

  • Mystery Shopping Income ($2-3K/mo.)

  • Virtual Jobs ($3-4K/mo.)

  • Amazon FBA (long-term business strategy, $6-10K)

Resources I Share in the Episode:

Melina Ryter,

Amazon FBA Program

Free Amazon FBA eBooks (How-To’s)