#305: Sleep is 4 Suckers!

David Shands, author of Dreams Are Built Overnight and creator of the T-Shirt brand Sleep is for Suckas, David Shands dropped by the studio and dropped some jewels on me! David worked at the same Cheesecake Factory in Atlanta that I visited several times with my college girlfriend! He used mentors to help him build his dream overnight - literally! He worked during the day and began to subtract an hour/night from sleep and replaced it with working on his dream. After a couple of years, he’s an author and a full-time coach helping people bridge their dream and their job.

David’s motto:

“If you lose sleep doing what you love, you’ll live the dream that you only would’ve dreamt!”

David’s jewels:

  • Learn to get more from your job than just the paycheck.
  • Find mentors in every turn to help you grow personally;
  • Listen to your mentors and do exactly what they say, because someone did them the same way;
  • If nothing else, build your dreams overnight. Stop making excuses about your time. Sleep is for suckas!

Find David: sleepis4suckers.com

Book: Dreams are Built Overnight (Amazon)

Listen to the full episode below.