Single-Parent Self-Sabotage!

I was stuck in this space for a hot second . . . I mean a hot second And one day, the lights came on in the building. If you're a single parent, STOP CALLING YOURSELF THAT!

Many times, we don't realize how detrimental it is to continue to speak untrue things over our lives, unless of course, you want to stay there. Here are a few sure-fire ways to begin thriving in your life as well as your business:

  1. Recognize you're a CO-PARENT. You're not doing it alone, unless you have lost the other parent. And if you have, you're still not doing it alone. You have family and friends...and Jesus.
  2. Change your language and change your belief. "Single parent" brings with it a negative connotation. Look at yourself in the mirror when you say those words! Integrate stronger language when referring to your status. Believe that you are in this position to serve as a light for someone transitioning into this position. Be a stellar coParent. There are benefits! You are stronger than you think!
  3. Be an example for your kids. They are watching your every move. Show them strength and possibility, even through your communication with and about the other parent.
  4. Expect things to improve and people to notice the improvement. This was a BIG ONE for me. When people began to notice, I wasn't initially ready. I down-played my success - to my own detriment. Receive the kudos, acknowledge your wins and keep elevating to new levels.
  5. Invest in yourself. Always be willing to grow personally and professionally. I equate growth as a coParent to a rubber band. Imaging a rubber band around two bricks. Now, allow the bricks to sit for 2 hours, stretching the rubber band on a patio table. Now remove the bricks. What happened to the rubber band? It can no longer return to its original shape to fit what it used to. But it can fit something larger! That's you. Ready to fit something (and someone) greater!

CoParents, we're ready to live bigger, bolder lives! Regardless of the past, the future is waiting for your ideas, products & services, wisdom and expertise. Show the world what you're worthy of!