Episode 303: 4 Expert Strategies to Make the Struggle REAL...Profitable w/Lenise Williams

Art-loving, Kick-A$$, Single Mommy and Branding Consultant & Attorney, Lenise Williams, Esq. stopped by the Consult in Jeans Podcast in Episode 303! Her energy gave me incredible insight into the legal side of branding, her struggle to succeed and her sacrifice to become the maven in her own right! A few tips Lenise shared on the podcast were:

  • Her intuition was her guide early in life. She had a pivotal moment before law school. Something told her to open the recommendation letter when she knew she shouldn’t have. And she did . . .
  • She chased her dreams of running a law firm, as well as an entrepreneur;
  • After Hurricane Katrina hit, she had to pack up and move to Atlanta;
  • Public Assistance helped her out for a brief period, until she figured out how to make money from what she’d learned in branding & marketing;

Listen to the full podcast on how she bought a daycare and walked away from it to sell content and take her business to the next level!

Denise’s 4 Expert Strategies Shared:

  1. Become obsessed with marketing & branding.
  2. You can “not know” what you’re doing, and figure it out along the way. Say yes, Be Confident & Figure It Out!
  3. Divorce, Transition, and even Hurricanes are no excuses to quit!
  4. The 3 Most Impactful Steps to Success: Decide, Become Obsessed (stalking your dreams, industry knowledge), Get a great team (the right people executing)

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