Principals vs. Parents (The School's Expectation of You, Mom & Dad)

Uh oh, here’s the episode you didn’t want to hear!

I’ve been facilitating a series of focus groups for a client. And doing such, one theme has repeated itself quite frequently: 

Quality of Education!

So much so, that there’s a huge discrepancy among parents and school administrators. One side says, I give the kids what they need at home, you take care of them at school. The other side says, “We need parents to take on more responsibility for their kids.

This argument is so valid, I had to call in the big guns.

This week, I interviewed a very successful school administration team in Telfair Co., Ga., who gives us the expectations of schools to parents, plain and simple!

Tune in to see if you’re guilty of some of these things too . . . I know I was!