Have you ever met a power couple that BLEW YOUR SOCKS OFF?

I mean, they're both dynamic in their own lanes?

One Periscopes ferociously about branding and gets 4-figure clients weekly! The other is the behind-the-scenes guru that makes everything go; Two genius' in one packed episode!

This week, I bring to you "Rich Gang", Calvin & Audria Richmond, of Building Big Brands!

In this interview, I get to pick their brains and they share branding and systems secrets to their mega-empire!

What I Share in this Episode

  • The Solution to the BIGGEST PROBLEM Entrepreneurs haver with FEES!
  • How to Incest in Yourself, the Right Way
  • Systems the Pros Use

Listen  to The Consult in Jeans Podcast, Episode 206, How to Blow Up Your Own Lane, here: