[FREE STRATEGY] Dealerships, your plan, and a simple strategy for YOU.

Ok, I'll admit. Life has been waaay hectic for me. So, I've been away from the blog a couple of months. In retrospect, I should've hired someone to write (or repost some older posts that worked well). But, here I am.

So, today's shenanigans:

I took my car to the dealer to get my new plates, right? Of course, they weren't ready. So, I needed an extension until they were ready. The machine was offline.

While I was waiting, the manager came down and said he wanted me to test drive a new little "toy" he'd just picked up. It was a Porsche SUV. I'm 6'4, 250lbs.... I was against it until I got inside. 


Hear what happened on the test drive (I picked up a new client) in the video below:

Now, on to you.

What happened to the New Year's Resolution you put together in January? Can you even find it?

There are literally about 4.5 months left in the year, and you have an amazing opportunity to work your tail off to make your goals come true for once in your life. Don't settle for less than the best for yourself. Don't let anyone tell you YOU CAN'T - because YOU CAN!

Now, cut the excuses and get to work. I just picked up a new client from a test drive, what will you accomplish today?