The Temptation to Be Inconsistent: Episode 203


I remember I use to call it 'being spontaneous' . . . until there were no checks coming in. Reality set in quickly!

In this episode of The Consult in Jeans Podcast, I share some secrets to staying consistent with life, home-based business, and family. There's also a self-check tool in there that will help you GROW A PAIR...literally! Listen below, then check out the resources notes below.

Resources I share in this episode:

  1. for FREE business mentoring. This has been a saving grace for me.
  2. ( and the Linked In Sales Navigator). LI is a great tool for scouting out people, businesses and relationships that can continue to build your brand, career and portfolio.
  3. Calendars. The bane of my existence and the key to ultimate productivity. I use Google Calendar because it syncs with my life. Here's an AWESOME video to turnup your Google calendar: click here
  4. My New Lifestyle Design Pinterest Board There's a lot of neat things here, but check out the DIY wall calendars and boards-all for $50 or less!
     board. There are some great ideas for DIY calendars and wall planners for under $50.
  5. Book: The Four Disciplines of Execution. Great book and strategy for getting things done. Click this link to go directly there. 
  6. GFDI: Go Effing Do It. Here's the site: Great accountability resource if you need a swift kick in the pants to get started and stay on track!