Branding 101: Podcast Episode 202

Don't have a big budget for marketing or branding the way you see the pros?

Don't worry about it. I didn't either . . . and still don't!

One thing I've learned in the online business industry - use what you have, where you are, and you'll be terrific-ly fine!

In fact, in my latest podcast, I talk all about it, as well as how to use online resources like Canva and Fiverr to do what you need on the skinny budget! Listen up:

Resources I share in this episode:

  • great tool for graphic designer-looking graphics. I create my Slow Tuesday Quotes using this sometimes. It's a drag + drop website with A LOT of pre-loaded templates. Canva will make you look like a pro on your first time!
  • this has been a great 3rd arm for me. I get everything from podcast music to social media help from Fiverr. And all the projects start at just $5!!!
  • InstaQuote (smartphone app): Another great tool for creating phenomenal image-based messages for FB, Tw, IG and everything else you use! Download it today.

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