8 FREE PMP Practice Exams to Pass the PMP in 2017

Hi guys!

I'm back with another quick little share for you. AND I ADDED A NEW ONE! Many of you ask about how to study AFTER the bootcamp. The list of 8 is below, but first make sure you:

  • take between 3-5 practice exams AFTER the bootcamp and BEFORE the real exam;
  • don't worry about the score of the 1st one, just get use to the questions;
  • take the 2nd one in the full 4-hour simulation (get up at 3:45am, take it at 4-8am shower and enjoy the rest of the day)
  • look at the score increases between exam 2-3; make the proper study adjustments
  • score between 60-75% on exam #3 (flashcard what you miss)
  • on the last exam, make sure you know why you got right what you got right!
  • keep using the PmBoK to reference;

Now, here's the list I promised:

Chris' PMP Practice Exam List

  1. MyPM: j.mp/2ABy0eb
  2. PM Aspire: https://www.pmaspire.com (Click the link that says 'Try 400Q Free')
  3. PM Study: http://www.pmstudy.com/PMP-Exam-Resources/freeSimulatedTest.asp
  4. EDU Hubspot: https://eduhubspot.com/EduHubSpot/pmpTests
  5. Oliver Lehmann: http://www.oliverlehmann.com/sample-questions-pmp-self-tests.html
  6. PM Exam Simulator: http://free.pm-exam-simulator.com/
  7. Exam Central: http://www.examcentral.net/pmp/pmp-exam-questions#
  8. Prepare PM: http://www.preparepm.com/mock1.html

Happy Studying!