5 "Pre-Steps" to Take BEFORE You Take Action

So, this morning, I recorded my patented, Slow Tuesday Quote message on Facebook. And right at the end, I was making an offer - and wouldn't you know it: The Tech Monster captured me. My phone went blank. 

**Truth moment: I had only 8% battery life when I started the live stream**

Don't you hat that? I mean, you you half-plan, when you don't think your plan through. I neglected charging my phone last night, and learned a valuable lesson: My brand didn't look polished this morning---on FB Live.

Let me help you with 5 tips, or Pre-Tips, to make sure you execute [ANYTHING] flawlessly. Below is the full 13m video I did on YouTube. It's the entire video training, with a little extra-ness for dramatic effect. I call it:

Chris's 5 Steps to Take BEFORE You Take Action

Enjoy & share.