#307: Actions Speak, Words Tell the Story

This week on the Consult in Jeans Podcast, I had a great chat with Pierre Evans, Re-Empower LLC. Pierre spends his time motivating youth through his story of homelessness-to-success! His gritty life lessons and thirst for helping young adults is infectious. Pierre shares some key strategies that work with kids (and big kids) alike!

Pierre's Nuggets:

  • He slept in the cold of Rhode Island in his car until it was snowed because he didn't want to swallow his pride;
  • Once he realized he was homeless, he realized he had to get active . . . but he dug an even deeper hole;
  • Serve Your Mentors. They can help get you out of grime!

Action Steps:

  1. Wake Up Early.
  2. Stare Yourself in the Mirror, Give Yourself an Action Plan & Master Muscle Memory.
  3. Get Active & Move.

Listen in for the full episode below...