The $5 eBook Sale

It's here!

The Facebook Livestream I did was all about me servicing 30,000 people this year is catching wildfire!  I reduced the price of the Consult in Jeans eBook to facilitate this process. And for select members, you'll get a copy of my NEW AUDIO WORKBOOK for 90% OFF!

Top 3 Questions Answered!

  1. What's different? The eBook travels with you in your phone, tablet and kindle reader.
  2. What's this audio workbook about? It's me . . . well, my voice (and personality) coaching you through the book, lesson-by-lesson. 10 consulting sessions to help you apply these principles to your life, family, relationships, business, whatever! $997.00 Value - DEEPLY DISCONTED to $20!
  3. What if I've lready bought the book? Get an eBook for someone else, or just donate to the 30,000 vision!

Just order below, or donate to the 30,000 Vision.