Book Signing, MOJO Recap, & Electronic Cigarettes

These posts seem to be pretty popular on my FB and IG, so why not create an "official" blog post about it. But first:

ATTENTION THOMASTON, GA RESIDENTS: It' official, books will be available at Thomaston Prescription shop on Tuesday, Aug. 24. Go get your copy of Consult in Jeans for the low-low price of $12.99. It's like hiring a big name consultant for $13. I'm calling it, The Withholding Nothing Tour, and you're first up. Look for the link on FB to register for the private session, to be announced soon. Book signing is Sept. 19.

And what's up with these electronic cigarettes? Is the smoke healthier? I'm in a coffee shop I frequently blog from, and this guy has one when the sign clearly say NO SMOKING. Is this no real smoke? I'm confused.

Ok, here's a reap of the MOJO from the week:

  1. We were never mean to control everything. Be ok with that. (cred. Pastor Wanda)
  2. Create a solid schedule and regiment that works for your life/business/family/lifestyle. It probably own't look like anyone else's, but that's good. You're unique like that.
  3. It's ok if you stop, drop, and take time to think.
  4. Over-give. Give when you don't really want to. It's frustrating in the moment, but feels wonderful afterwards.
  5. Being busy doesn't mean being productive. Check yourself, and your activities.
  6. Be a democrat with your friends and a republican with your business. (Oooooohhhh, that was a good one!)
  7. Work when you're supposed to be working. Play when you're not. That's the perfect balance.