Here's what the New Consultants Look Like

Good morning good people!

After creating my Slow Tuesday Quote for the week, I had a realization while I sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops: there are at least 5 other consultants sitting near me, I  can feel it.

So, I went to freshen up my coffee, and one young lady asked me: "Excuse me, what do you do?"

I commenced to tell her I was an author and consultant. She said, "I'm a consultant as well."

The kicker: she resembled me:

  • casual, yet professional dress
  • sharp demeanor
  • focused look behind the laptop
  • fairly young

I am the NEW AMERICAN CLASSIC in the business world!

The fact is, there is a growing number of GenX and Boomers impacting the workforce - and we're taking our expertise to the boardroom to help people just like you. While the blazers and neckties will never truly die out, the jeans and crisp, collared shirts are an increasing part of the workday.

Thanks for letting us in. Watch for our forward movement.

Talk soon,


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