Yard Sales & Leadership: A Maestro's Lesson

Viola! You’ve had a bit of success. Maybe you’ve:

  • led your first training session with your team;
  • attracted the eyes of a few of the top people in your organization;
  • helped a client win;
  • or  published your first piece;

 . . . how do you sustain momentum?

How do you win even bigger next time?

I’m not sure about you, but I asked myself this question after my book came out. I accomplished a major milestone.

But major milestones aren’t enough.

I’ve found that success is short-lived, unless you actively engage and repurpose it. Don’t get me wrong, the accolades, and “atta boys” are good, just not good enough.

So, how do you ensure that your success builds anticipation and sustains in your industry…your environment . . . your department . . . your world?

You repurpose it.

Here’s a little story about my mom that might help:

When I was a kid, my mom was a yard sale queen. She still is a maestro, if you ask me. And there’s no shame in it. She was single mom of three kids.  She had a knack for finding an piece of furniture that looked like it was screaming for the scrap heap. Then, she would take it home, strip it, put new finish and handles on it, and it would look brand new. And today, some of those pieces still adorn the floors of our family members homes. It’s amazing how this has turned into a trending profession for artists around the country.

What does that have to do with leadership and success?

When was the last time you repurposed something that had good bones? For example, that amazing chart you created, did you record an instructional video to show people how to use it? The spreadsheet you created that everyone loves, have you made it a fillable PDF and branded it so that the entire organization can use it? That book you wrote, did you record a 4-part video series on its application?

The lesson of repurposing is bigger and better than ever today. Take a moment to find your best “product” and find a way to repurpose it in a better way. I just did this with my eBook, The Leadership Jumpstart Plan. I’m re-writing it to be bigger and better with links, video and a bunch of cool things to make it even more useful. If you want the original copy (before it’s better and has a price tag), click here to get it now.

This post might not have been an eye-popping list of techniques, but repurposing is a timeless art that can help you become more of a leader than ever before. It allows us to create reusable tools for an ever-changing world of employees, clients and leaders. So happy spring, and happy re-purposing.

Signing off from a comfy hotel pool in Miami.

Conquer the day.

Chris Daniel. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.