[New Video Series] Write Your Book in 90 Days Flat!

So, it's here. I've been in the lab working on a little something . . . a free video course. 

I learned something from Dan Miller - well, I learned a lot from Dan Miller. However, one thing stood out, and I'll share with you:

If more than one person asks you the same question, recognize the pattern and create a valuable product that will help all the other people who want to know but aren't asking.

The top 4 questions I get about writing a book are:

  • how do i get this book idea out of my head?
  • ho do i even begin to write it?
  • how long did it take you?
  • what was your strategy?

Well, I answered all the questions (and more) in this 4-part video series. Here's video #1 (below). Enjoy! Oh, and check out today's #slowtuesdayqute on Instagram here.

Cannonballs today,