What #thechevyguy Should Have Done!

First and foremost, let me cheer for #thechevy guy!


Here’s why:

He conquered a fear that most people will never accomplish: public speaking – in one of the biggest stages on the planet: NATIONAL TV.

I remember that feeling of:

  • practicing 20 hours for that 2-minute script;
  • knowing exactly what to say and how you’re going to say it;
  • going blank under the hot lights;
  • perspiring to no end;
  • having to look down at that index card and realizing that everyone is watching you;

There’s nothing easy about it. And he was definitely forced to do so. As a result Chevy’s image took a bit of a beating.

So what could he have done – more importantly, what could Chevy have done to make him look like a rock star on stage last night?

  1. Simulate it first. Maybe they did, but there’s absolutely nothing like the real thing.
  2. Recognize and Shift. #thechevyguy wasn’t remotely comfortable. They should have shifted the presentation to someone else.
  3. Continue to support his development. #chevy is doing a great job is backing #thechevyguy up on social media. Now that he’s faced this fear, continue to get him training and coaching so his next speech is off the charts.
  4. Realize the Gap. With a brand as large as Chevrolet, there’s obviously a gap with the professionals who present on television – even if it was only #thechevyguy. The perception is that “CHEVY DOESN’T PREPARE PEOPLE FOR MEDIA APPEARANCE.”
  5. Commit to Improve. That’s all. Just get better in this area.

To me, a professional speaker, this guy’s body language spoke louder than any words he said – or didn’t say. The fact that it went viral so quickly makes that point as well. As you assess your skill in public speaking, use these tips to throw away the index cards and make a more positive memory in your next speech.

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