The Power of Repetition: 4 Richard Sherman’isms

I’m jumping on the bandwagon, because there’s a deeper (positive) message I think we’re missing!

Mr. Sherman!

But to his defense:

– haven’t we all been overcome with emotion and experience diarrhea of the mouth?

– have we all been so exhilarated after a huge win that we don’t know how to express it in the moment?

– don’t we all want to retract something we’ve said (maybe earlier today)?

The fact of the matter is I’ve been trapped in a NY hotel under the snow. But, as ESPN has Sherman on repeat, I had a great few fleeting thoughts in all the commotion of the Seattle cornerback’s words about his opponent:

  1. Forced repetition is a great way to keep things top of mind and the most effective way to make something stick. For some of you, you didn’t even know who he was before this episode. In the past 3 days, his face has been showed multiple times on every ESPN show.
  2. Don’t apologize for begin the best. Personally, I think his comments were 2 weeks premature, but I’m not on the field. After winning the Superbowl, you can brag about the best. But, maybe in the moment, he has some validity.
  3. Retracting statements always leaves an “icky” feeling, doesn’t it. Once it’s out there, course correction must be strategic. Admit blunders, and seek continuous improvement. The laugh about it.
  4. Capitalize on every opportunity. Whether you know it or not, Richard capitalized on the very first interview and questions he was asked. Then he repeated. And keeps repeating. Call it what you want, but it’s effective. Whether you’re cheering for Denver or Seattle, that stunt just revved up the engines of everyone watching the Super Bowl. His Twitter following probably tripled overnight. I can’t wait for the book deal to pop up.

Sometimes drastic time call for drastic measures. And Richard Sherman just showed us how to use them to propel to the next level . . . even if it’s just in the media.