The Exotic Little Secret Highly-Driven Leaders Know . . .

I had another great coffee conversation with a project manager that I know. The topic: why don’t managers realize that development and action are the secrets successful organizations?

As a consultant I train more than 5,000 people/yr. I watch this great divide happen in real time. The thriving companies are in attendance – repeatedly. Not just once, but time, after, time, after time. But, training alone doesn’t cut it. Half of the reason they come back is to tell me and their peers what they’ve applied and learned. The other half is to get more.

Whether you’re an executive, a healthcare professional, or a consultant, development never ends and comes in many forms. Here’s Chris Daniel’s 6-Step Development System that can give you and your team the one-two punch that eliminates your competition:

  1. Hold your up-and-comers to a new standard in development. Send them to seminars.
  2. Discuss personal and professional objectives prior to attending.
  3. Jot down a bulleted list of things you want to receive/people you want to make introductions with while in attendance. Exchange contact info and connect on social media with key people.
  4. Prepare a brief summary/presentation on highlights and impact (both personal and professional) upon return. Share in person and on social media (i.e. becoming an expert and thought leader).
  5. Outline a plan of action over the next 45-days. Review with a partner weekly [even if it’s the one(s) you met at the conference].
  6. Get moving.