Thanksgiving, Weaknesses & Help

First, let me thank you for following me and my wacky and insightful stuff online. I really appreciate you for commenting, sharing, liking and reading behind the scenes. This week’s insight was: What Weaknesses Am I Thankful For? It came from a video I watched fromGary Vaynerchuk. Now, let me share what I’m thankful for in business.


So, why do I list these?

Because they give me a great opportunity to GET HELP.

You can’t do it all as a leader. . . well, you can, but it’s not quality work. The best advice I can share about your weaknesses is:


One of the best things that happened to me was to fall flat on my face – after I’d professionally published my first book and expected the success to just appear.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I hope you give your weaknesses away today. Give your family your whole self. Give your friends more quality time. Give your team a better leader. Give your business a better you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Here’s a quick, little 20-second video to you (and don’t forget about My Black Friday specials coming momentarily):