Should Leaders Give It Up on the 1st Date?

I was having an interesting conversation about TRUST with a consultant, and he mentioned he was working with the VP of Finance for an agency in DC. He brought up the client’s view of trust: it should be earned, not given.

I then asked, how the organization’s turnover was. He said 40% annually.

That proves my point.

In a successful environment, trust has to be established up front. The “guilty til proven innocent approach” is a severe form on micromanagement to today’s innovative leaders. If trust isn’t there, look in the mirror to see if:

- you trust your hiring process
– you trust your instincts
– you trust your current team
– you trust your ability to forgive yourself for past leadership mistakes
– you trust you will learn from every single person you bring on
– you trust your ability to communicate the vision and mission
– you trust your ability to allow your team to contribute to the organization’s overall success

People generally want to do a good job. Let them. Trust them. Give up trust on the 1st date and empower others to give it back.