Saturday Leadership Lessons #001

Watching my little guy sleep after a rigorous morning is priceless, especially after:

  • a good breakfast
  • a great time at a little leagues football game
  • a 40-minute stint time at the nearby park (including a march around the lake singing “The Wheels on the Bus Remix”)
  • a 30-minute trip to the pumpkin patch to end the morning

I learned some valuable lessons, just observing how this 2-year old navigated his day. Here are the top 3 things I’m applying to my business Monday morning. Hope it helps you too:

Chris’ Saturday Leadership: 5 Quick Lessons on Life+Business

  1. Slide down the slide headfirst, then run up again backwards.Shake things up a little, maximize your opportunities, make people stare, but get the desired result.
  2. Be willing to talk with everyone.One of the parents at the park said her toddler was a little less advanced than mine, because they didn’t let him climb. I told her mine was just a little more of a daredevil, that’s all. The longer the boys played together, the more her son stepped out of his comfort zone and began to climb that same slide backwards. And mine was hanging from the top of the monkey bars!
  3. Laugh more often.We all know the statistics about laughter and face muscles. But think about this: when you’re laughing, I mean truly laughing, what else are you thinking about? Nothing. It’s a great way to clear your mind and reset.
  4. Be clear when you’ve had enough.After the multitude of events, my son said, “Daddy, I’m sheepy. I ready to go to bed.” If that’s not direct enough, he proceeded to fall asleep in the car en route home.
  5. Rest only when you’re exhausted.Enough said. When you’re in the zone, exhaust everything. Leave it all on the dance floor. Take a nap. Then, repeat.

Watch Jax take the slide: