Boss Management: 8 Tips to Manage Upwards

Have you ever been fed up with bad management? Has your leadership team said one too many things wrong? Are the  inconsistencies in the executive team getting the best of you?

I facilitated a private webinar for a client and invited them to share with my blog community their insights! Here’s what I shared:

8 Key Strategies to Manage Up:

  1. Know Leadership Styles
    1. The Shark (Assertive, Results-Oriented): Be quick, direct, emotionally, detached.
    2. Flamingo (Fun, Collaborative): Makes decisions in consensus, seeks buy-in.
    3. Chameleon (Adaptable, Behind the Scenes): Ask for their input, allow them to support, help them make decisions
    4. The Turtle (Deliberate, Accurate): Ask for their expertise
  2. Leverage = Adapting Your Style to Theirs (not the other way around)
  3. Listen for Words Unsaid!
  4. Body Language, Non-verbal Cues
  5. 5-ft. Rule (their most important values are within 5 ft. of their seat)
  6. Ask Frequently (Monday-Morning QB’ing): What are your biggest 3 goals this week?
  7. Use Straight Talk: “When you ____, I feel ____.”
  8. Learn their Leadership Compass
  • North (Their Needs, both personal + professional);
  • East (Expectations, of themselves + their leadership + the organization + you);
  • West (Wants) They’re important too;
  • South (Successes) They need to be recognized also;

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