Why Delay the Inevitable?

Cheers to the end of another year! We officially have one more day left in 2014, and it’s been another fantastic year. I’ve had my best year ever this year, despite a lot of roller coaster moments. I’ve made more than I have, create more than I ever could have imagined, and committed to do even more in 2015. Besides, 15 was my high school basketball jersey number, so I know it will be amazing  I had a thought this morning, and it goes like this…

On Monday, there will be an influx of gym memberships, diet program purchases, and the beginnings of a 90-day burst of energy that 71% leads in failure to complete resolutions. I say,

Why Delay the Inevitable?

If you’re going to begin something new, who says you have to on January 1. Get started early! If you haven’t already put plans in place to be better, smarter, more financially successful, a more astute leader, a more well-rounded individual, or whatever your goals are, start now. Here’s one of my quick little 2015 activities I let a friend use in her meeting yesterday – SHE KILLED IT, by the way! You can too!

Chris’s 15-Step 2015 Dreams to Goals Activity:

  1. Sit quietly for 60 seconds and imagine: “What would I do if I was guaranteed to succeed?”
  2. Write those things down on a sheet of paper.
  3. Now, sit quietly for 60 more seconds, and think: “What would I really do if I wan’t afraid?”
  4. On the same sheet of paper, write those things down.
  5. Now, sit again and close your eyes. Say to yourself” “What will I do without reservation in 2015 to push me to my best year ever?”
  6. Meditate on this for a moment.
  7. On that same sheet of paper, write only 3 things under this heading-3 concrete action items.
  8. Look at what you’ve written. Highlight the things that are most important to you and your family.
  9. At the bottom of the paper, put a date that you expect tot accomplish the highlighted portion of your sheet.
  10. Go to your printer (or local printer) and make 5 copies.
  11. Self-address 4 envelopes and insert your papers (1 paper in each envelope). Keep one for yourself to post on your bathroom wall/refrigerator. (It’s also a good idea to laminate it.)
  12. Contact your Top 5 (the 5 best people in your inner circle).
  13. Ask each one of them to mail you this letter on a random day this year.
  14. Start working towards what you’ve written, and note the feeling when you get these little jewels in the mail. Even though you wrote them, it will surge incredible emotions each time you open and read those envelopes. Magically, they’ll keep you on course and push you even more.
  15. Celebrate each milestone, go even further, and let’s recap a year from now.

3 Commonly Asked re-BUT-als:

  • But what if all 4 friends send the letters at the same time? consider yourself lucky.
  • But what if they forget? You don’t. And get a new circle.
  • But what if I don’t accomplish what I’ve written? You will.

Do this with your team to have a great strategy session this week. They’ll think you’re crazy at first, especially after the 2nd round (PS. that’s why people hire me to do this stuff). However, when they become really clear about who they will be in the coming year, you”’ see a transformation in them.

Cheers to a wonderful New Year!

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