Slow Tuesday Quote #111114

Today, be of service . . . and not just to a veteran.
This morning, many of you are off work, sleeping in, and taking a day “off”. I propose you take a day “on”. Become real leaders today and give service, in a some small way. Here are a few ideas that may help spark some thought innovation, and add quality to your day:

  • buy someone a cup of coffee and give them 45-minutes of your time listening;
  • donate gently used household items to someone in need (even if they don’t tell you they’re in need);
  • clean someone’s kitchen, living space and main bathroom;
  • clean someone’s car;
  • blow/rake someone’s leaves;
  • make cookies and deliver them to someone(s) in your neighborhood
  • make lunch and deliver it to 3 homeless individuals with an inspirational note inside;
  • record a video and say thanks to someone you haven’t thanked in a long time;
  • share a genuine smile with someone;

You have to admit, you hadn’t thought about some of these. And most are so easy, they only take an hour of your day. I’ve found that when I give without expectation, the return is much bigger than I expected. I trust that this principle will work for you as well.

Here’s a great video I use in corporate training to show just how important unexpected thank you’s impact the lives of everyday people. Enjoy it!