Overgiving this Holiday Season, #stq122314

Is there such a thing as Overgiving? Giving too much to others? Hmmm. . . maybe, maybe not. 

The one element of giving I’m speaking of this week is time. I’m absolutely in love with time, simple because:

  • We can’t re-create it;

  • We often misuse it;

  • We can work forever to master it, and it still eludes us;

This holiday season, take time for yourself and give unexpected time to family and friends, even if it’s over Skype, FaceTime or Oovoo. Here are a few sharables that may help you carve out a few minutes this holiday season:

  1. Wake up early, exercise, meditate, then spend time with your family.
  2. Spend Christmas connecting with family. Turn off the email and text for a day. It helps.
  3. Send hand-written notes to the people in your Top 5. Somehow, it feels like they hear your voice when reading notes.
  4. On December 26, complete your 2015 Goals while your raiding the fridge for leftovers.
  5. Get spontaneous and visit someone sick or shut in and take them some coffee. Listen to a war story or two.

That should get your started. Keep working at your personal productivity. Before you know it, you’ll be living 13-month years.

Happiest of Holidays from My Family to Yours,