Leadership without Prayer

Im a big proponent of gorilla-grinding, pushing until something happens, working in the margins, and hustlin’ in all areas to make things come together. But sometimes, I fall victim to being self-reliant. Do you?

It’s true, that we’re powerful beyond measure. We’re capable of accomplishing greater than we’ve imagined – but not alone.

Here are a few ideas that may help when the grind, hustle, and get-it-done sessions don’t seem to be working:

  1. Realize, all you can do is all you can do.
  2. Be happy with your efforts. Pat yourself on the back while running.
  3. Expand the small wins.
  4. Talk out the challenges.
  5. Take it on the chin and seek help.
  6. Pray at every turn.
  7. Expect to improve.

While I can’t promise this will eliminate challenges, I can ensure that it will make you stronger. And stronger leaders are better leaders.

Care to add to my list. Feel free to jot your thoughts and join the conversation.