Super Accountability

I’ve found quite a few participants of my workshops and speaking engagements ask me: 

"How do I take these techniques you teach back to the office?" 

I tell them think about it your work prep process:

  1. You awake to a pre-set alarm (even if you press snooze 3x);

  2. You shower, brush your teeth, lotion-up, and comb your hair;

  3. You grab some form of breakfast;

  4. You hop in the car;

  5. You turn on some form of entertainment on the commute;

  6. You arrive at the office;

  7. You log in;

That’s about it, right?

That’s a process, whether you know it or not. You’ve just completed it for so long, you call it a r4outine – and routines have a negative connotation. Just think about it:

  • Gym - fitness routine

  • Diet – eating routine

  • Budget -  financial routine

Feel that lump in your throat?

That’s 50% of the reason we fail to accomplishing our big, juicy goals – we don’t like the routines we have – or someone created for us. And you know what I say to that:


This means changing attitudes and behaviors. This means exchanging some bad habits and ineffective patterns. It means getting uncomfortable . . . and that's hard to do. It means creating something you believe in, that also stretches you.

The rewards are eleven-fold (better than tenfold). Here's how it goes.

  1. Commit to Be On Purpose. I just graduated an Entrepreneur bootcamp of sorts, and I realized: IVE BEEN BUSY BEING BUSY in some areas of my business. Since then, I’ve made some major tweaks. Here’s two:

    1. Clearly defined my purpose and 2-3 Wildly Important Goals for 2015. Only 2-3. Only 2-3. No, only 2-3. That’s it. Only 2-3. Did I say only 2-3?

    2. I printed an 89-day calendar. I put the following activities (and only the following):

      1. Income-Producing Activities,

      2. Marketing Activities

      3. Personal Development

      4. Fun/Adventure

      5. Spiritual Development

      6. Family Time.

That’s it.

Schedule them through day 89. All of them. Actually write them on the calendar. Be sure all of them are related and will help you complete the 2-3 Goals for the year. Nothing else. Now, get started. You’ll magically find about hour or two each day if you follow this.

2. Increase Productivity: Work differently. I’ve realized that I work way too much. Well, too much, ineffectively. Think of your business, your department, and your life as time and money. We’ve covered the time portion above. Now focus on the money. Answer these questions:

  • How much and I worth?

  • How much do I make/day? Is that enough for the lifestyle I’m creating?

  • If so, pop a bottle! If not, find a way to leverage the remainder of your time to increase your accomplishments. I’ll share one of mine with you: I’m going to create a product each month to share with my #soshmediafam. Stay tuned. The first is the new website coming your way. Then, a small little free guide to Fearless Ways to Throw the word “No” Around, Professionally.

  • To whom can I delegate tedious tasks? When can I send an email to ask.

Hint: If it’s causing you heartburn, arresting your time, and not yielding direct results, you may even consider paying a virtual assistant. I’m preparing to invest to have my inbox completely cleaned and organized, just to give you a hint of some of the activities that are subconsciously causing annoyance.

I wanted to drop a couple of jewels on you to keep you fearless leading in small areas of your life. Not too much to overwhelm and just enough to keep you moving forward.

Until next time, keep leading fearlessly.