9 Degree Day

I'm not complaining one bit about the cold spurt we're having on the East Coast right now. I do, however, see a lot of people using it as an excuse.

While in Miami last month on a consulting visit, I almost did the same thing. Then I realized, I’m in 70 degrees . . . in February! I quickly left my room, bought a cigar, and jumped in the hot tub. It's just not something I get to do in DC in the middle of winter.

Here's how you, too, can enjoy these frigid temperatures, in heroic fashion:

  1. Make snow men. The classic thing to do in snow storms, right. Don’t forget the Baileys and Kalhua for your coffee.

  2. Get that forced exercise regiment by shoveling/blowing the now. Don’t let that spare tire gain any leverage!

  3. Don’t let it stop your original plans. The good thing about cars and trucks is: they’re made for all kinds of weather. Layer up and keep it movin’. A $22 investment in thermals may be the wisest investment this winter.

  4. Use the technology. Host a GoTo webinar, Google+ Hangout or Zoom Meeting to connect with friends and customers. FaceTime and Skype work too.

  5. Write some hand-written notes, and include your mail carrier. You might even have a little hot cocoa ready for her when she walks by. I’m sure those clients you haven’t heard from since the holidays would love to hear your voice.

  6. At lunch time, pull out the Wii and play a round of The Michael Jackson Experience or Wii Olympics to get the creative juices flowing.

  7. Revisit your resolutions, strategic plan, or annual goals. I know we’re less than 50 days into the new year, but most of these guys have started the dust collection process already. Dig ‘em out, dig ‘em out.