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From Montreal to Shanghai, we've advised aspiring PMPs all across the globe. Most of the answers are in our YouTube videos or comments replies. But, if you need that expert touch, set up a consultation with us.

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That's the only way to describe our PMP training, study sessions, and live sessions. Get in on the action. 

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This is our staple: creating relevant, easy-to-follow study material. Every other book is 600 pages. Not ours. We make it easier. Not a lot of jargon. And everything doesn't cost a ton of money.

These clients agree:

It's not about the money. It's about the options.

$108,200. That's the avg. salary of a PMP-certified project manager in 2018. +38,000. That's the avg. salary increase within 1 yr. after certification.          Options. That's what my students like most about having the PMP.


The avg. salary of a working professional in the US with an undergraduate degree and 5 yrs. of work experience is $49,900. The avg. salary of that same person in the role of a project manager is $65,000. That same person with a PMP certification, in the same role is $88,000.yr.  And with 5-10 yrs. of experience, its' $108,200.

The avg. time to get PMP certified is 2 months.

Do the math.


97% Pass Rate. Life-paced self-study plan. Built around Life.


My process is simple, NOT RUSHED. PMP Certification should not be a cram session or a memory log. My approach considers the commute, the chores, the weekends, the hectic schedules, the kids' soccer games. And you can still pass in 30 days with my approach.