7 FREE PMP Practice Exams to Pass the PMP in 2017

Hi guys!

I'm back with another quick little share for you. Many of you ask about how to study AFTER the bootcamp. The list of 7 is below, but first make sure you:

  • take between 3-5 practice exams AFTER the bootcamp and BEFORE the real exam;
  • don't worry about the score of the 1st one, just get use to the questions;
  • take the 2nd one in the full 4-hour simulation (get up at 3:45am, take it at 4-8am shower and enjoy the rest of the day)
  • look at the score increases between exam 2-3; make the proper study adjustments
  • score between 60-75% on exam #3 (flashcard what you miss)
  • on the last exam, make sure you know why you got right what you got right!
  • keep using the PmBoK to reference;

Now, here's the list I promised:

Chris' PMP Practice Exam List

  1. PM Aspire: https://www.pmaspire.com/free-resourses/free-pmp-model-exam/
  2. PM Study: http://www.pmstudy.com/PMP-Exam-Resources/freeSimulatedTest.asp
  3. EDU Hubspot: https://eduhubspot.com/EduHubSpot/pmpTests
  4. Oliver Lehmann: http://www.oliverlehmann.com/sample-questions-pmp-self-tests.html
  5. PM Exam Simulator: http://free.pm-exam-simulator.com/
  6. Exam Central: http://www.examcentral.net/pmp/pmp-exam-questions#
  7. Prepare PM: http://www.preparepm.com/mock1.html

Happy Studying!