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Chris Daniel, PMPĀ® equips today's leaders to earn six figures through the PMP (Project Management Professional certification. A native of Georgia, Chris moved to Washington, DC after college and served nearly a decade in the federal government. By his last year, he had received certifications in:

and reached the $100,000 mark by the age of 30 - without a direct sales company.

Why don't other people know how to earn $100,000/yr by getting the right certifications in their craft? Let's look at the numbers!

So, he created the 26-Day Project Management Program (PMP) for professionals in the workplace, who already manage projects and aren't earning what they should. These Bootcamps and Master Classes include:


Others are talking . . .

"We want to package Chris up and send him around the country for all of our teams!"

Sandra White, Dir. of Training | The Boeing Company

"I love how Chris facilitated the Project Management Certification sessions. They were rich in information and gave our participants exactly what they needed to be successful in the workplace."

Heather Henry, CIO | Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation

" Chris' bootcamp gave me a great boost, just before taking my PMP exam. I passed my test on the first try! Your advice about study habits was particularly helpful.Thanks again for the final push."

Ken Korando, PMPĀ® | 2016 PMP Graduate


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